Kelly Sikkema


Mosaic Fauxsaic
Fauxsaic project to promote Mosaic Boston's Easter services
Graphic Design
Boston Wordmark
Boston turned into a logo / patch design
Choose Happy
Interlocking Letters type experimentation
Prayer Sermon Graphics
Series Graphics for Prayer Sermon Series at Mosaic Boston
Sermon Graphics
Hand Lettered Words and Phrases - Vol 3
Hand lettered phrases, words, and lyrics, created with iPad Pro and Procreate app for iOS
C + J Wedding
A wedding on the estate of a beautiful New England manor
C + J Engagement Session
Engagement session photography
Hand Lettered Words and Phrases - Vol 2
Phrases and words that I have digitally or hand-lettered
Hand Lettering and Typography
Hand-Lettered Scripture
Hand-lettered scripture over some beautiful images
Hand Lettering
Typography and Texture
Personal experimentation with type, lettering, and texture
Craftsman Hand Lettering
Custom hand-lettering word turned to vector
Hand Lettering
T + K Baby Bump Session
An early maternity "announce the bump" photo session
Succulent Illustration
Digital illustration on Procreate
Sermon series on how to be an adult
Graphic Design, Church Design
36 Days of Type 04
The 4th annual challenge of creating a design around a letter/number for 36 days
Illustration, Graphic Design
Hand Lettered Words and Phrases
Several pieces of hand-lettering and calligraphy over digital photos
Hand Lettering
"I Am" Sermon Series
Sermon series walking through the various "I Am" statements of Jesus
Graphic Design, Church Design
Ephesians Sermon Graphics
Sermon Series graphics for 6 weeks through the book of Ephesians
Graphic Design, Church Design
Worthy Lettering
Hand-lettered single word
Hand Lettering
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Personal lettering project for "30 Days of Bible Lettering" project.
Hand Lettering
"Trust" illustration
Hand-drawn type created in Procreate
Hand Lettering
Illustrated S
Type S that was embellished with digital painting in Procreate
Valentine's Day Love
Experimenting with type and color tones with type
Typography, Graphic Design
Hand Lettered and Illustrated Ephesians Sermon Graphic
Illustration, Hand Lettering
Jeni's Bake Shop
Unused logo concept created for a client that fell through
Branding, Graphic Design
DIY Printable 2017 Calendar
I created a printable file to make a DIY 2017 calendar. Just print it out and add your own artwork!
Graphic Design, Template, Printable
Advent Graphic - Free Download
A sketched Advent Illustration
10 Commandments Series
10 Laws for Life - a sermon series through the 10 Commandments at Mosaic Boston
Church Design, Graphic Design
Rustically Yours Logo
Hand-lettering-style logo created for a reclaimed wood crafts business
Branding, Graphic Design
Daniel Sermon Series
Sermon Graphics for a Mosaic Boston series on Daniel.
Graphic Design, Church Design
Heroes Sermon Series
Design for a sermon series looking at some of the most notable, but flawed, figures from the Bible, and the way God used them.
Graphic Design, Sermon Design
Advent Sermon Graphics
Advent Sermon Series graphics - hand-lettered and then vectorized for use with various weeks.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Hand Lettering
Molla Builders Logo
Design of a logo for Molla Builders - a high-end contracting company in the Boston area.
Branding, Graphic Design
T + K Couple Session
Mini fall portrait session with some friends
A & T Engagement Mini Session
Mini engagement photography session for this adorable couple
BERD Spokes Logo
Logo design for BERD bicycle spokes
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Genesis Sermon Series
Genesis sermon series for Mosaic Boston
Graphic Design
Boston Print Club Screen Print Workshop
Photography of a Screen Printing event held by Boston Print Club in Somerville, MA
Financial Services Brand
Branding, Graphic Design
Children's Therapy Center
Branding, Graphic Design
Sunshine Academy Web Redesign
Graphic Design, Web Design
30 Days of Bible Lettering
A few samples from my posts in the various "30 Days of Bible Lettering" challenge.
Graphic Design, Calligraphy, Typography
Faith at Work Sermon Series
A 4-week series at Mosaic Boston on connecting your work to God's work
Upper Miss Wildlife Artistry
Branding identity and website design for Upper Miss Wildlife Artistry, a taxidermy and wildlife art studio in Northwestern Illinois
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Pregnancy Center Logo
Logo developed for The Pregnancy Center in Clinton, Iowa
Branding, Graphic Design
Gunn Kol Bolt Financial Services
Branding created for a small financial services company in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Branding, Graphic Design
Browne Family Chiropractic
Branding refresh for a chiropractic company in Pella, Iowa
Branding, Graphic Design
Deb's Meals and More
Logo concept for a home-delivery meals and baking service
Branding, Graphic Design
Stan's Welding Repair, Inc.
Logo and business card design for a small-town handyman wanting to promote his work.
Branding, Graphic Design
Knit & Knot Yarn Boutique
Yarn Store identity work
Branding, Graphic Design
Bettendorf Christian Church Identity
Church identity work for Bettendorf Christian Church in Iowa
Graphic Design, Print Design
Bosch Consulting Group
A simple branding done for a small consulting startup in Minneapolis.
Branding, Graphic Design
A&A Home Services
Branding for a local contractor
Graphic Design, Print Design
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